Thinking of Joining?

We welcome visitors here at Great Oak. We recommend that people interested in moving into Great Oak arrange for a tour. We do ask that if you would like a tour that you contact our Outreach person to schedule a time to get a tour around the community. The Outreach person can usually arrange for visitors to get into various size units, as well as give a tour of the common house, and the grounds.

Our Prospective Member information is a good place to start.

Besides taking a tour of Great Oak in general and looking at the unit that is for sale in particular, we also ask a few more things of prospective members. We ask that you attend a community meeting, a social event (such as a dinner, which are served five nights per week, or a sunday brunch, or a community party), and meet with a few long-standing members to discuss expectations, questions, and requirements. In order to find out how to sign up for a dinner (the cooks usually need 24-36 hours advance notice), find out when the next community meeting is, and/or arrange to meet with some long-standing members, please contact the Membership Convener.

We also encourage you to read some of our more prominent agreements at our Book of Agreements site. Particularly important, especially for renters is our Membership policy

We also highly suggest that a person who is considering joining Great Oak find out more about cohousing in general. Some suggested reading would include

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in getting more information about living in our community. We can answer any questions you might have, keep you informed about life at Great Oak and update you on opportunities to purchase or rent a home here as they arise.

Thank you for your interest in Great Oak.